Monday, 22 April 2013

Outing v. Xian & Caryee's Birthday


Back to the Saturday on the first week of April. 
I went for a date with my bestie, Xian on the noon & 
together we attend our friend, Caryee's birthday party on the evening.

First of all, we went to Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe to had our lunch. 
That was my second time been there. The kimchi over there was pretty delicious & 
I felt for their Spicy Korean Soup!!! And personally I like the warm & comfortable environment over there due to the design of the restaurant. Basically, we would choose 
to have our meal at the upper floor / 2nd floor (if it were not closed) because 
it gave me to have a more private feel due to less of people. 

We ordered green tea
 Sundubu jjigae (순두부찌개) for me
This is my second time ordering the same meal.
Maybe I'll be ordering something diff for the next visit?
Sundubu jjigae is a Korean stew dish with tofu, seafood (clams and shrimp) and vegetables, A raw egg is put in the jjigae while it is still boiling.
This dish is eaten with a bowl of cooked white rice and several side dishes.
It's delicious! 맛이 있어요 (Mashi-e-sawyo) Ψ(´▽`)Ψ

Babe's Kimchi Noodle.
The taste was not so strong as the soup of my set cuz
of the aroma of tofu and seafood was not there but still it's tastyyyy!

After finished our delicious meal, we spent quite long hours to chit chat and selcas 
until the entrance for the 2nd floor were actually closed (left the both of us only) 
Errrrr.. well.. we are customers so it's okayyy lahh ... (─‿‿─)

Me and babe did gwiyomi but it's in photo version. LOL. 
Since gwiyomi is so hit of course we couldn't miss it! haha!







There's still more selcasssss ! Hiak hiak! ψ(`∇´)ψ

That's ME!

It's ME again!

With the babe ♥


Owwhh , we're tired of selca-ing .. Let's pay our bill.. haha!

We left Leisure Mall & head our way to the birthday girl house.

We're the first to reach there cuz we were there before the celebration started.

Everyone gets souvenir. It's Hershey's Kisses. Been so obsessed to the cookies version ♥ 

During dinner time, we met two new pretty friends. Nicole & Jia Ying.
 This is so such a coincidence, they told me that I look quite familiar until we discovered that we're studying in the same uni too. And ended up they said no wonder I look so familiar & thought that they recognize the wrong people. Haha. 
Well, the world is small huh? (●´∀`●)

We captured a lot of photosssss. Love it! My favourite (≧∇≦)
Photo moments ♥

From left to right : Mun Yee . Me . Xian . Caryee (Birthday Girl), Jia Ying, Nicole

It's us again. Xian. Me. Nicole. Jia Ying

Caryee, the birthday girl & me

Me & Jia Ying

Me & Nicole

Caryee & Nicole

Nicole & Xian

Caryee & Xian

Jia Ying & Caryee

And here comes with the cake session!!!

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!

It's a Chanel cake. Looks so nice.

21st Birthday!

A group shot before leaving 

Had an enjoyable Saturday with friends. Although it's a tiring day but it's great! 

Back to home sweet home 。◕‿◕。

- Post End -

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